Exsuntra Academy

We are committed to raising a generation of well trained professionals equipped with cutting edge technology to solve problems. Our training seeks to challenge all participants beyond limits.

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Digital Marketing

Our team of certified professionals combine digital strategy and design to help you win hearts and minds on your campaigns.

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Network Security Solutions

With intrusion prevention strategies becoming more sophisticated day by day, Network Security has turned out to be a huge necessity. Long gone are the days when businesses managed to operate with an unprotected network.

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Wireless Network Solutions

We are regarded as a pioneer in developing and supplying reliable and carefully designed scalable broadband wireless networking systems for all types of large- to small-scale businesses, governments, institutions, and service providers.

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Network Infrastructure

We adopt the most effective approach in design and installation of structured cable office infrastructures for small or large offices. We have the competence to assist our customers from the project planning stage, deployment, support and maintenance of the business network infrastructure.

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Connectivity Solutions

With our many years of experience and partnership with different ISPs, we advice our clients on the connections that best suit their businesses with failover options of 100% uptime. With this we are able to implement cost effective solutions with quality.

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What we do:

Exsuntra Solutions bridges the gap by collaborating with different ICT giants to raise professionals who are outstanding in their IT career and also provide services.

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